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For the last 22 years, I’ve been in the business of medicine. What does that mean to you? It means that I’ve participated in everything BUT patient care, because I’m not a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, Medical Assistant, Lab or Radiology Technician, or anything else related to directly providing you with the actual care.

Why am I starting this blog? The answer is simple. While I love what I do, I love helping people more, and there is very little out there to help patients understand this very complicated industry. The expectation is that the patients should be responsible for knowing their policies, what’s included, and where to go, and that simply isn’t reasonable, because insurance policies aren’t easy to understand. What’s ironic about that expectation is that most healthcare entities don’t know much either, which is why when they get denials, they just pass it on to you, the patient.

I’ve seen a lot, and done a lot, but one thing has remained consistent: patients constantly get the raw end of the deal, and my goal for this blog is to help fix that. Knowledge is power, and I want you to feel empowered to take on providers, hospitals, and insurance companies with self-advocacy! What you can expect from being a regular on this site is answers and clarity to help you navigate a very complicated environment. As we grow and develop together, I want to help you highlight “The Wall of Shame,” which are problem providers and hospitals to avoid, as well as “The Hall of Fame,” which are organizations that are transparent and patient-friendly. What I won’t be providing is medical advice, when and who to see for specific ailments, or anything else that could jeopardize your health.

As education leads to empowerment, we will talk about the revenue cycle frequently. The revenue cycle is an industry term, but put simply, it’s a holistic cycle that starts with the patient calling for an appointment, continues with the provider seeing the patient and billing insurance, and finishes with closing out the billing process with a zero balance. Everything that happens in medical care falls into this cycle, and it’s important for you, the patient/healthcare consumer, to have a deep understanding so that you do not get stuck with an erroneous or unfair bill.
Hot topics are always a must—we will discuss current articles such as a recent one that addressed the increasing bankruptcy rate due to healthcare debt. We’ll answer everyday questions, such as: Why are they asking for a copay during a well-care visit? I saw a Nurse Practitioner, not a doctor, why am I paying the same? We’ll discuss financial hardship, a glossary of terms, fraud, and much more.

Please make sure to sign up with us, because every week we will select up to five questions from our followers and answer them on our Friday Five blog, and every month we will randomly select one subscriber and provide free assistance in resolving their billing issues.

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