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My name is Cheryl Taylor and I created Empowering the Patient to assist patients avoid being billed incorrectly with their medical treatments. Having worked in the medical billing industry for over two decades, I have seen firsthand how both insurance and medical organizations can be equally concerned with both patients wellbeing and the company’s profitability. Following selling the medical billing practice I started on my dining room table, I climbed from manager to director and eventually vice president for a string of medical related businesses both in the United States and overseas. Each of these organizations were seeking every which way to bill patients every which way.

One day I awoke realizing that my friends, neighbors and everyone not familiar with medical billing issues deserved someone to advocate on their behalf. As you consider your doctor your healthcare partner, my goal is that you view Empowering the Patient as your medical billing partner. My staff and I are here to assist you from having your finances become ill due to incorrect medical billing.

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