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Medical bills are confusing, complicated and on average, 70% contain errors – We’re here to help you take control of your healthcare costs.

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We know how complicated billing, coding and insurance can be because we’ve seen it from the inside. After years of building our careers by navigating the business of healthcare, we’re speaking up and speaking out  – giving patients the insights that empower them to take control of healthcare costs.

Our goal is to educate patients so they know that when they receive a bill or statement, they understand what is being charged and whether or not those charges are accurate.

We invite you to follow along for regular updates on the ins and outs of healthcare bills and insurance.

When it comes to the business of healthcare, we’re your advocates.

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of consumers want to know payment responsibility prior to a provider visit
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of consumers are confused by Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and medical bills
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of all medical bills have some type of error

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We’ve compiled this information for you – to give you insights into the best ways to navigate the system. And when things change – and they always do – we’ll update the information to make sure you have the very latest resources at your fingertips.

We look forward to providing you with a regular dose of valuable insights from the financial side of healthcare. Some of the topics we cover:


Coding is completely different than billing – Not knowing the difference can cost you


Almost 70% of all medical bills contain a billing error – Learn how to spot them


Learn how to identify the plan and the coverage that’s perfect for your unique needs


Empower yourself to successfully navigate the business of healthcare


Tutorials about billing, coding, and insurance with insights from industry insiders


We can review your bills, help explain what’s covered, and ensure there are no errors

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Lengthy bills. Complex coding. Insurance that covers some things and denies others. I understand just how complex the business of healthcare can seem to anyone who doesn’t know the system. For the average patient, you’re at the mercy of the system. It’s time to turn the tables. Becoming an empowered patient and consumer will help you better navigate the complicated healthcare system.

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